Conroy Lake

Wilderness Pines Campground, Conroy Lake Monticello, Maine


Welcome to Conroy Lake! Our lake is a peaceful paradise. Enjoy our resident loons, occasional Canadian Geese and several other birds. Conroy Lake is one of the deepest Lakes in Maine at 108 feet! There is a 10 horsepower limit on boats which makes this lake a serene place to relax!

Physical Characteristics
Area - 25 acres

Surface - 71℉
20 feet - 57℉
Maximum depth - 108 feet 34 feet - 49℉

Principal fisheries: Splake, brook trout
Conroy Lake is a small, deep cold-water lake. Water between about 12 and 25 feet is cold with sufficient dissolved oxygen to support trout. Dissolved oxygen values below 25 feet are too low to support cold-water fish during late summer.

Splake and brook trout are currently stocked annually and provide a good fishery. Splake, a brook trout/lake trout hybrid, survive to older ages and exhibit good growth rates. Trout production has and will likely be compromised due to continued water quality degradation from shoreline development and poor farming practices in the watershed. Conservative fishery regulations have been implemented to maintain and enhance sport fishing opportunities.

Access to Conroy Lake is by a public right-of-way with a gravel boat launch. Access is located on the west side of the lake off the Lake Road.